Costa Rica - Journey into the Tropical Garden of Eden

Costa Rica is deservedly named the “rich coast.” More and more people are discovering Costa Rica as a safe and different vacation destination. It’s no wonder, because there is almost nothing that this tropical gem cannot offer its visitors.

Shimmering-metallic Hummingbirds and Howler Monkeys

Costa Rica has fog-, dry-, and rainforests with a variety of tree species, which surpasses that found in North America tenfold. The numerous national parks offer outstanding possibilities to become acquainted with the plant and animal world of the Tropics. With a trained eye one can readily observe red and green-black poison arrow frogs jumping up the tree trunks or fat, earth-colored toads sitting amongst the roots of ancient giants, and praying mantises, which rise up threateningly and then curiously turn their heads towards the amazed hiker. Snakes can be found lounging on a moss-covered tree branches and sloths can be spotted in the treetops. Shimmering-metallic hummingbirds buzz from flower to flower or hang like helicopters in the air. Strange bird calls, the chirping of insects, and the resonating calls of howler monkeys fill the ever-humid air, especially in the morning hours.

Hot Springs at the Base of a Fire-Spewing Mountain

These gardens of paradise are not the only attraction of this country. Picturesque volcano landscapes with hot springs are inviting for a relaxing hot bath, whereas nightly flowing lava can be admired from the hotel or lodge veranda. Water birds, turtles, caimans and other crocodiles can be observed during boat tours through the wild, river landscapes. In addition, the coconut palm lined beaches are enticing for sunbathing, surfing, and snorkeling.

Ticos - A Particular People

Last but not least are the Ticos, as the native Costa Ricans call themselves. Their pleasant nature brings them quickly into your heart. Whether at a market or on the bus, one can easily strike up a conversation with only a few words of Spanish and learn a lot of things worth knowing about their country and their way of living.

Between Banana Plantations and Reforesting Projects

Tobias Hauser, traveling to Costa Rica since three years together with the freelance journalist Janine Böhm, shows you this and much more. They met the Guyymi and Bribri Indian tribes and discovered much about their fascinating culture and their difficult social situation. They visited Chiquita banana plantations and portrayed the workers and their families. The spoke with sugar cane cutters and pineapple pickers and got to know the hard life of the field workers, who come mostly from Nicaragua. They are very interested in environmental protection activities and therefore, visited reforesting projects in collaboration with the German organization Tropica Verde, protection areas for leatherback turtles and the green soldier ara, as well as a hospital for sloths. Tobias Hauser investigated the underwater world off the coast of Isla del Coco, the most fascinating diving area of the world, and spoke with animal rights activists about the killing of sharks on a massive scale off the coast of Costa Rica.

A Sensitive and Manifold Portrait

The lecture is a knowledge-packed and highly, entertaining report, which surprises and captures the viewer with its masterly photography, sensual music, and thorough reports. In addition to the landscape highlights, the lecture offers an insightful look into the culture of the Costa Ricans and provides well-founded reports about the environmental problems facing the country today. In all, it is a sensitive and manifold portrait of the “Rich Coast” of Central America.

Premiere in Fall 2008

The colorfully, splendid book of photography “Costa Rica” by Janine Böhm and Tobias Hauser will be released by the Stürtz publishing house in the spring of 2008. Six months later, the production will be completed so that the lecture will be premiered in the fall of 2008. Please contact our office if you have interest in scheduling or promoting this lecture.

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Welcome to Latin America! Looking for the warmth of the Caribbean, the sun, dreamlike beaches, the zest for life? Or simply your next travel destination? We will gladly take you along on a journey through these fascinating countries, with which we are personally familiar.



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